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L2-related trends and issues across Canada and Internationally...

Language education policies across Canada and Internationally vary to a large degree. This section highlights both the language education policies in various regions as well as L2 issues and perspectives brought forward by the CLA, CLA Affiliates, as well as governments, bureaucrats and academics. This section also includes pertinent presentations, papers, other resources, etc. that focus on second languages and their social, cultural, and economic importance.

Canada’s identity is one made up of a mosaic of languages and cultures, all combining to form a unique multicultural country. International / Heritage language instructors play an important role in the strengthening of Canada’s identity by providing a cross-cultural perspective on our country through language education.In other words, language education reinforces the Canadian identity and strengthens our unique multicultural make-up.

An overview of CLA's Canadian Languages Strategy, presented at the 2013 Metropolis National Conference in Ottawa.
CLA - Metropolis 2013.pdf
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BC-related resources...

BC Backgrounder_Metropolis 2010.pdf
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BC_Selected Readings_2010.pdf
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AB-related resources...

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AB Learning: Enhancing L2 Learning in AB
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SK-related resources...

Multicultural Ed and Heritage Languages
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Languages and Cultural Diversity: Saskatchewan Education

SOHL Backgrounder.pdf
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MB-related resources...

Education Policy in Manitoba
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Ontario-related resources...

IHL in Ontario.pdf
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Ottawa Int Projects and Exchanges.pdf
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Classroom resource:

Financial literacy is an important skill for all learners to develop for life in Ontario but as well for developing a clearer understanding of the global village of today and tomorrow, as most economic contexts that occur in any place have some connections to other places in the world.

Making informed decisions and knowing how to articulate decisions is a beneficial skill for all learners but these are essential for anyone communicating in more than one language within contexts different than one’s own. ILEA's resource package acts as a springboard for teachers of any language program who want to incorporate a better financial awareness within the content of their curriculum.

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PQ-related resources...

IHL in Quebec.pdf
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Atlantic Canada-related resources...

International-related resources...

Languages For All_England.pdf
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The Economic Cas for Language Education...

The economic case for language learning and the role of employer engagement - Education and Employers Taskforce, UK
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